API connect

Integrated ecosystem for debt advice

Designed for large creditors and debt advisers, our API solutions let you more quickly and accurately share and process data with counterparties.

APIs for tech teams

Well documented APIs to enbale your development teams quickly integrate our services.

Operational efficiency

Our APIs standardise data sharing to reduce the operational cost of processing flat files from multiple sources.

Smarter collaboration

Real-time data sharing improves transparancy and speeds up processing, ultimately improving the customer experience.

Enhanced propositions

Enhance your own propostions by using our APIs to offer additional services to your customer base.

How it works

A single interface to connect counterparties

Our platform APIs standardise how data is shared between parties in the debt advice process, enabling seamless data sharing between debt advisers or creditors on our platform.

Single gateway

Our APIs provide a unified and standardised interface to send and recieve data with counterparties in the debt advice process.

Portable data

Our platform uses a standard data template that enables data portability, accuracy and consistency.

System integration

Integrate internal systems with our APIs to automate repsonses to incoming data requests and augment your own datasets.


Simpler operations. Improved outcomes for all.

Our platform APIs connect debt advisers and creditors to make it easier and quicker to collaborate.

This gives you a single gateway to share data, removing the operational complexity that comes with managing multiple, vendor specific portals.

Not only does it improve operational efficiency, real-time connections bring greater transparancy, and expedite the time to resolution for a customer in financial difficulty.

  • Lower operational costs
  • Simpler internal processes
  • Improved transparancy of debt advice case progress
  • Portable data that is consistent and accurate
  • Extend own customer propositions with Elifinty platform features


We charge an annual platform fee + a cost per API call.

There is no set-up fee and you'll automatically benefit from feature enhancements.

  • No set-up fee
  • Choice of billing periods (monthly, annual...)
  • Volume discounts available

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