The Consumer Duty is holding banks accountable, making sure they put the customer at the forefront of all their processes and prioritise better outcomes for all.

In a time where banks are being held to stricter standards, does your firm have what it needs to be compliant?

Elifinty offers a socially responsible way for banks to manage customer debt, at a time when it is more crucial than ever  


Elifinty’s debt management platform, TrustConnect, is an integrated solution designed to help banks have a customer-centric approach. Debt is increasing, and with it, the pressure on banks to survive, and maintain excellent customer support.

We’re giving firms the tools they need to resolve consumer debt, whether through facilitating effective debt advice or providing sustainable resolution, helping you to maintain the lifelong value of your customer.

TrustConnect can reduce the business impact of debt, which is crucial in these financially austere times.

Elifinty’s TrustConnect platform is the first of its kind. Transform the way you support customers and manage their debt.

For banking and payments, TrustConnect:

  • Is a pre-built digital customer service tool
  • Accelerates digitisation, saving you resource
  • Incorporates personalised and efficient customer communication
  • Gives firms a competitive edge
  • Helps with impact reporting
  • Allows enhanced data collection and analysis

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