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Below we have provided helpful information, insight and analysis to help you through the current crisis. Watch this space for upcoming articles, webinars and videos.

Pandemics and Future of Finance

As coexistence with pandemics becomes a global reality, how will financial services providers and their consumers be impacted? In this Elifinty webinar, our speakers will explore the future of finance and what it means for people in the new world. Listen to our panel of distinguished experts who are though leaders in Finance in the UK.


Jonathan Shawcross, Managing Director, Global Banking Sector at Gobeyond Partners
Sian Williams, Director of Policy and Innovation at Toynbee Hall
Robert Kelly, CEO at Association of British Credit Unions
Sarah Williams-Gardener, Consumer Insights, Market & Design at Fair4All Finance
Jesse Griffiths, CEO at The Finance Innovation Lab

Maysam Rizvi, CEO, Elifinty
Breaking the taboo around debt advice in the digital age

Can we break the taboo around debt advice in the digital age? Watch our panel of experts on an open conversation about debt advice and the role of technology in this space.


Marilyn Banister, Service Delivery Manager, Citizens Advice Leeds
Matt Dronfield, Head of Debt Free London
Muna Yassin, Managing Director, Fair Money Advice
Paul Bowden, Partner, Wilkin Chapman LLP Solicitors and Insolvency Practitioners

Maysam Rizvi, CEO, Elifinty
Financial Health is Wealth
by Uneesa Zaman

A webinar with useful advice and tips on health, housing and wealth. Understand the relationship between health and wealth and how can you improve your financial stance during Covid19.


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The value of money
Been thinking more about what matters in your life? Explore your values around money to help yourself make clearer, wiser and happier financial choices, now and in the future.

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All or nothing
When fear and change are all around us, we can easily slip into black-and-white thinking, especially around money. Here's how to bring more balance to your thinking and your finances.

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Budget pick'n'mix
Facing some financial change and need to take charge of your money? Try giving some of these simple budgeting methods a go.

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Money shame
Changes in life, income, employment can throw up all sorts of difficult feelings. Learn about the links between shame and money, and how to handle both together.

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Debt advice avoidance
Anyone in the UK can get free debt advice. Find out how, and what happens when you do.
(This episode references face-to-face debt advice, which is currently unavailable. Phone and online services are still operating.)

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Money and Mental Health: an interview with Emily Reynolds
Writer and activist Emily Reynolds has written about the relationship between money and mental health from a personal perspective as someone with bipolar disorder and more generally as well. She shared some great insights and personal stories.
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