Next-generation platform for debt advice

Debt advisers and creditors of all sizes—from small charities to large institutions—use Elifinty’s platform to streamline the debt advice process and deliver great customer experiences.

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Elifinty consumer app
Elifinty consumer app

Connected platform

Seamlessly collaborate and share data in real-time

Elifinty brings together debt advisers, creditors and consumers on a single platform to enable real-time communication and collaboration

The TrustConnect platform supports and simplifies data sharing, data gathering and processing, real-time communications, and much more.

TrustConnect significantly reduces processing time, ensures data portability between multiple stakeholders, and adheres to the latest regulatory standards.

  • Banks
  • Debt advisers
  • TrustConnect platform

  • Local authorities
  • Utility providers

Smart tools and services

A fully integrated suite of debt advice support tools

Elifinty’s software and APIs provide debt advisers and creditors with the tools to embed the latest technology and processes into their debt advice workflow, significantly enhancing the customer experience.

Our innovative products include workflow systems, digital customer referral journeys, APIs to enable integration, and intelligent data gathering tools.

Elifinty’s support tools enable debt advisers and creditors to significantly reduce operating costs, enhance user experiences, create positive outcomes for customers, and much more.

Elifinty consumer app
Elifinty consumer app
Elifinty consumer app

Simplicity by design

The industry's most powerful and easy-to-use tools

Our software and APIs are designed to be simple so that you can start using them straight away.

We let technology do the heavy lifting so that debt advisers and creditors can focus on the customer and a positive outcome for all. Human + computer = 😀

And with a steady pipeline of product innovation you will benefit from frequent feature improvements that keep you ahead of the industry standard.

  • Intuitive interfaces make it easy to get things done
  • Process automation let's you focus on what matters
  • API driven data collection reduces data input
  • Modern UX/UI drives engagement

Why Elifinty

A technology-first approach to debt advice and support

Smart optimisations

We leverage third-party APIs and sophisticated data algorithms to deliver accurate and relevant data at the push of a button.

API integrations

All our services are available via API, enabling third-parties to leverage and build on top of our platform.

Enhanced user experience

Our customer focused design and approach facilitates simple and intuitive interactions that work across all channels - digital, telephone, and face-to-face.

Continuous develpment

Multiple feature release updates throughout the year enable our customers to stay ahead of the curve.

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DEMSA member


Secure and compliant by design

Elifinty’s platform meets the highest standards, protecting client data and minimising the compliance burden for you business.

We follow the highest standards of security policies to keep our platform and your data safe.

The TrustConnect platform is compliant with industry and regulatory standards, ensuring customer data privacy is respected at all times.

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