The challenges for debt advice agencies

Helping people to deal with problem debt relies on having a holistic, real-time view of their circumstances, which not every debt advice agency has access to. Without a detailed understanding of an individual’s financial wellbeing, it’s challenging to deliver the right support at the right time.

There are operational pressures to navigate, too. There are internal processes to streamline and business practices to adhere to, alongside advisors to support. The challenge is then to balance efficiency and empathy as you help people to take control of their debt.

EliConnect is here to help

EliConnect, our digital customer engagement platform, is here to supercharge your advisors. By connecting them to the people who need support, it allows them to share genuinely helpful advice, empower long-term financial resilience and maintain your agency’s competitive advantage.

EliConnect provides you with full visibility of each end-user throughout their journey, with the data and analytics to determine the next best step. It helps you to direct your advisors’ attention to where it’s most needed, so they can focus on making a real impact with socially conscious practices.

EliConnect increases households’ emotional wellbeing by 70%.*

*Compared to traditional debt recovery methods.

Gaining a holistic view of individuals

  • Gain visibility of the people who need the most support at every stage with an open line of communication between them and their creditors, with every part of the journey being ‘trackable’ for more trust and accountability.
  • Allow individuals to share their data and details through open banking and document sharing capabilities, freeing up advisors’ capacity and equipping them to hold meaningful conversations from the get-go.

Combining efficiency with empathy

  • Speed up the time to solution by using EliConnect’s smart solutions engine, real-time open banking and built-in workflow automation, enabling your advisors to provide the right support to the right people efficiently.
  • Free up your advisors to work on fewer admin-heavy tasks – and reduce the need for costly, time-intensive training – with pre-filled confirmations of advice (COAs), automated case audit notes and self-serve budgeting and goal-setting tools for people in debt.

Personalising your support

  • Use AI to determine the best course of action for every individual, identify the relief measures they’re eligible for automatically and provide aftercare solutions that support their long-term financial and mental wellbeing.
  • Connect with individuals in the ways that work for them, whether they’d prefer to receive non-judgemental advice digitally or talk to an advisor face-to-face, to reduce the number of people dropping off.

A platform to support you and individuals with problem debt


Connect your advisors to creditors and real-time data so they can help in-debt individuals, seamlessly. EliConnect allows you to digitise your processes rapidly while keeping people’s wellbeing at the forefront of your operations, so that you needn’t compromise on efficiency or empathy.



Empower people to take control of their problem debt with our consumer-facing app. Eli provides the self-serve tools that individuals need to work towards a healthier financial tomorrow, while your advisors focus on building strong relationships and offering tailored debt support.

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