There’s growing pressure for utility companies to support households that are facing financial hardship.

Not only will there be communities sinking deeper into fuel poverty, but there will be individuals and households new to this type of vulnerability; a shock that needs the right accompanying support.


Elifinty’s debt management platform, TrustConnect, provides a holistic approach that makes customers’ needs central to debt management strategies.

The platform ensures the interventions and solutions meet the customers’ unique circumstances.

It’s a difficult time for utility companies striving to support their customers – while the pressure to minimise the impact of problem debt on business is also increasing. Elifinty’s TrustConnect platform can help.

Elifinty’s TrustConnect platform is the first of its kind. Transform the way you support customers and manage their debt.

For utility companies, TrustConnect:

  • Is a purpose-built digital customer service tool
  • Relieves strain on customer support teams
  • Allows meaningful real-time engagement
  • Gives organisations a competitive edge
  • Helps with impact reporting
  • Allows enhanced data collection and analysis

TrustConnect for Utilities.

You can learn more about Trust Connect for Utilities by downloading our product guide. On this handy one-sheet, we outline the specific pain points facing Utilities providers when it comes to debt management, and how TrustConnect will revolutionise financial resilience for businesses and customers.

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