The pressure is on for utilities providers

Times are tough for utilities providers. There’s the global rise in wholesale gas prices leaving companies vulnerable, and the financial risks that come from absorbing a failed supplier’s customers.

What’s more, the cost-of-living crisis is seeing more people experience first-time problem debt and providers working hard to recover costs (and prevent further delinquency).

At the same time, there’s your commitment to the Consumer Duty and prioritising your customers’ wellbeing. The question looms – how do you create a better financial tomorrow?

Staying up to date with energy customers: a 2024 calendar

Stay informed with key dates that may affect energy customers in the UK this year.

While these dates offer a general timeline, it’s crucial to stay updated on potential changes.

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EliEngage is here to help 

With our socially conscious customer engagement platform, EliEngage, you can learn from customers’ real-time financial circumstances to help them take control of their problem debt proactively and holistically.

By providing a unified, actionable view of your customers, our platform empowers you to ground your debt recovery processes in empathy. With EliEngage, you can identify problems early, develop sustainable payment plans and maintain open, honest relationships from the get-go.

We help energy companies recover 6x more in unpaid debt.

Improving operational efficiency

  • Connect your customers to self-serve budgeting and calculation tools, alongside specialist debt advice, to help them build long-term financial resilience while reducing the time and cost needed to serve them.
  • Integrate EliEngage, a cloud-based software, with your existing systems to access the insights you need quickly and easily, with data APIs like open banking allowing you to collect data in seconds.

Helping you to help others

  • Pair real-time open banking data with our smart solution engine to identify the customers most at risk of defaulting, prioritise these cases as early as possible and direct your time and resources to the people who need it.
  • Provide the most helpful and appropriate next steps to customers based on their specific circumstances with our solution engine, such as automatically offering fuel vouchers to those in need or quickly identifying their eligibility for grants and relief.

Empowering better connections

  • Improve your chances of working towards a successful resolution by personalising your communications according to customers’ preferences. You can even automate push notifications and make in-app appointment bookings with our communication module.
  • Keep the wellbeing of your customers at the forefront of your debt recovery processes to strengthen your relationships, enhance your customer experiences and improve your retention rates.

A platform for you and your customers


Protect your customers’ financial wellbeing, prevent debt-related issues proactively and reduce pressures on your teams with our end-to-end platform. EliEngage allows you to streamline the debt recovery process and remain transparent, so you can support your advisors and customers at every stage.


Empower your customers to develop healthier financial futures with our user-friendly app. Eli brings you, in-debt customers and debt advisors together to make sure the right support reaches the right people (and at the right time). With non-judgemental advice and achievable payment plans, you can provide more holistic, long-term solutions with Eli.

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Elifinty for Utilities.

You can learn more about Elifinty for Utilities by downloading our product guide.

On this handy document, we outline the specific pain points facing Utilities providers when it comes to debt, and how our platform will revolutionise financial resilience for businesses and customers.

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