A challenging landscape for residents and landlords

The current financial landscape is hurting residents and housing associations alike. As rent increases and trust in landlords dips, the pressure is on for housing associations to maintain strong relationships with their tenants.

There are operational challenges, too. Associations need to manage their reputations, continue improving housing experiences and prepare for the knock-on effects of the cost-of-living crisis. As more residents face financial difficulties, are you prepared to help them take control of their problem debt?

EliEngage is here to help 

Help your residents work towards brighter financial futures with EliEngage, our customer engagement platform grounded in socially conscious practices. By connecting creditors, advisors and residents dealing with debt, our digital platform makes it easy for you to create relationships based on transparency and trust.

You can supercharge your advisors with our smart capabilities, support your residents with actionable insights and work towards debt resolutions successfully and fairly. With EliEngage, start communicating with your tenants directly to improve collections and develop healthier financial tomorrows.

EliEngage increases successful debt recovery by 40%* 

*Compared to traditional debt recovery methods.

Empowering your residents

  • Connect residents to around-the-clock support that suits their lifestyle – including tailored guidance from debt advice agencies, available face-to-face or within our digital communication portal.
  • Equip customers with self-serve tools, including our benefits calculator and budget optimiser, to help them with their long-term finances (while freeing up time and resource for your advisors).

Streamlining operations

  • Gain better visibility of cases at every stage with EliEngage’s reporting dashboards, providing a unified view of residents’ support needs and the most appropriate next steps based on their financial circumstances.
  • Reduce the time it takes to deliver debt advice journeys by up to 40% with AI, open banking, automated workflows and other digitised processes that allow you to quickly match residents to the best pathway and reduce the impact of arrears.

Improving financial resilience

  • Gain a real-time view of your arrears position and upcoming debt collections to help you resolve cases successfully, all while reducing the financial pressures upon your residents with more affordable payment plans.
  • Create targeted journeys for every resident with our smart solutions engine, from directing them to emergency housing support to adjusting their payment schedules.

A platform for you and your residents


Connect your residents to the tools and support they need to improve their financial wellbeing, while relieving the pressure on your advisors and finances. EliEngage helps you to create payment plans that are realistic for your residents and in line with your priorities, so that you can improve your reputation and financial position.


Gain your residents’ trust and help them to develop long-term financial confidence with our customer-facing app. Eli allows customers to share their own data, communicate with you digitally and receive non-judgemental advice that accounts for their changing circumstances, whenever and however they want to receive it.

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Elifinty for Housing Associations.

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On this handy one-sheet, we outline the specific pain points facing Housing Associations when it comes to debt, and how our platform will revolutionise financial resilience for businesses and customers.

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