There are multiple obstacles that the industry and its residents are facing. From the rent cap to the action needed to meet net-zero targets to the housing crisis, housing associations need an effective way to manage problem debt as it continues to rise.   



Elifinty’s socially conscious debt management platform, TrustConnect, is helping housing associations to financially recover their residents. With TrustConnect, you can navigate customer debt in a sustainable and solution-focused way, engaging tenants and giving them the tools to better manage their finances.

Elifinty’s TrustConnect platform is the first of its kind. Transform the way you support customers and manage their debt.

For housing associations, TrustConnect:

  • Helps tenants manage finances sustainably
  • Provides transparency into processes
  • Frees up teams to focus on other tasks
  • Improves tenant engagement
  • Facilitates better recoveries
  • Is a pre-built digital solution, ready to use

TrustConnect for Housing Associations.

You can learn more about Trust Connect for Housing Associations by downloading our product guide. On this handy one-sheet, we outline the specific pain points facing Housing Associations when it comes to debt management, and how TrustConnect will revolutionise financial resilience for businesses and customers.

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