Times are tough for financial service firms and customers

The pressure is on for financial services. Regulatory issues mean that you can’t compromise on compliance and security, yet customers demand frictionless digital experiences. Legacy cores make it challenging to innovate freely, while the digital-first firms that can, compete for your customers’ attention.

The pressure is on for your customers, too. How do you protect your firm while prioritising their financial wellbeing and your commitment to the Consumer Duty? While we navigate a cost-of-living crisis, how do you support people with problem debt efficiently and ethically?

EliEngage is here to help

EliEngage is a customer engagement platform designed to reduce the impact of debt on your firm and customers. Grounded in social consciousness, it connects you to your customers and your customers to the support they need within one digital interface.

Our AI-enabled platform allows you to gain full visibility of your customers’ financial circumstances, create affordable payment plans for those in arrears and determine the next best steps for those at risk of delinquency – while ensuring end-to-end regulatory compliance.

With EliEngage, you’ll streamline how you work alongside people with problem debt, all while helping your customers to become their best financial selves.

With Elifinty, you could cut the time it takes to resolve an open debt case by 50%. 

Safeguarding your reputation

  • Use EliEngage’s in-built bank-grade security, including GDPR-compliant self-serve tools for customers, to personalise your support pathways while relying on a solution that’s as secure as your own.
  • Create affordable payment plans based on your customers’ real-time circumstances, while reducing the risk of non-performing loans and lessening the pressure on your capital adequacy ratio.

Streamlining your processes

  • Gain visibility of the customers at risk of falling into delinquency and determine the next best steps with our smart solutions engine, from affordable payment plans to signposted support.
  • Collect customer data efficiently with open banking and CRA data APIs (alongside self-input options for customers themselves), so that your advisors can prioritise cases and mitigate the risk of long-term arrears.

Empowering your customers

  • Connect your customers to self-serve tools, from our benefits calculator to our budget optimiser, to help them take control of their problem debt and identify the relief measures they’re entitled to.
  • Engage with your customers digitally or in-person via our communication portal, or refer them to independent debt advice with a frictionless process that means they don’t need to share the same information twice.

A platform for you and your customers


Digitise essential  processes, comply with regulatory issues and prioritise your customer experience with our integrated platform. EliEngage helps you to mitigate the impact of debt on your firm proactively, without compromising on your customers’ financial or mental wellbeing.


Equip your customers with the confidence and advice they need to take control of their problem debt with our user-friendly app. With Eli, you can engage in-debt customers in ways that are helpful, non-judgemental and mutually beneficial thanks to its self-serve tools and personalised communications.

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Elifinty for Financial Services

You can learn more about Elifinty for financial services by downloading our product guide.

On this handy document, we outline the specific pain points facing financial services providers when it comes to debt, and how our platform will revolutionise financial resilience for businesses and customers.

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