A connected debt support journey 

Elifinty is a socially conscious customer engagement platform that brings together the key players in debt support. With three connected digital hubs – Eli for people in debt, EliEngage for creditors and EliConnect for debt advisors – our digital platform creates an open line of communication for all. It also offers use cases for the sectors most affected by debt, from utilities providers to housing associations.  

With Elifinty, people in debt can access non-judgemental advice, creditors can create personalised and proactive support pathways, and debt advisors can provide the right guidance to the right people. It’s a win-win-win solution. 

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Elifinty platform

Transform the debt support journey

There’s never been a more pressing time to transform the debt support journey.  

And while the current journey is long-winded, complicated, heavy on paperwork, and stressful for both financially vulnerable people and support agents, we know there’s a better way.  

Here’s how

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A brighter financial future  

With our customisable Elifinty platform, you can help people in debt to develop long-term financial resilience, all while supporting your advisors and improving consumer outcomes. 

Together, Eli, EliConnect and EliEngage: 

  • Create relationships rooted in trust
  • Allow you to pre-empt and prevent problem debt
  • Automate key processes to free up advisors’ time
  • Empower you to support the most vulnerable people
  • Speed up the time to resolution for all

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A platform for every stage of the journey


Our consumer-facing app helps people in debt access non-judgemental, actionable support from their creditors and advisors.


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This platform gives creditors the tools to build trusted relationships with their in-debt consumers and find the best path to a resolution.

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This platform connects debt advisors to individuals dealing with problem debt and helps them to improve their financial wellbeing, sustainably.  

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Our partner stories 

Read more about the brilliant organisations working with Elifinty to create a world of people free of problem debt. 

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