Discover the organisations working with Elifinty to help to create a world free from problem debt

Rooted Finance

A specialist pan-London debt advice charity, Rooted Finance provide debt and money advice to individuals that are in financial hardship or at risk. Rooted Finance are focused on responding to the needs of its communities in a swift and agile way, delivering effective, relevant, and tailored advice.

Impact on Urban Health

Based in London, Impact on Urban Health (IoUH) are focused on improving health in inner-city areas by understanding and changing how inequalities impact health. They are working to tackle complex issues within urban areas such as children’s mental health, the health effects of air pollution, and multiple long-term conditions in relation to socio-economic determinants. Their programmes are long-term and formed from partnerships at local, borough, national and international scales.

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Money A+E

An award-winning social enterprise, Money A+E provides money advice and education to disadvantaged groups, Diverse Ethnic Communities (DEC), and young people. They provide services to schools, including a Money Mentors School programme, and for corporates and for communities. They are striving to increase financial resilience and improve wellbeing long term.

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DEMSA was established in 2000 in order to promote good practice in the debt management sector and to protect the interests of the public and lenders to whom they owe money.

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The Money Advice Liaison Group

The Money Advice Liaison Group, formed in 1978, is a not-for-profit UK membership organisation whose purpose is to galvanise organisations to ‘work together to improve the lives of people with problem debt’.

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InBest partners with financial firms, welfare advisers, and money management apps to help people maximise their income and reduce their bills.

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