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Our guide in the complicated world of
"Because money
shouldn't be a

Money should be

a Facilitator
a Catalyst
an Enabler
Elifinty is a smart money app that
gives back control,
predicts and simplifies money issues.
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Features you'll love
Combined accounts
All your bank accounts in one place
Life goals
Plan and start saving for life needs
Expense management
Track and limit expenses
Budget planner
Prepare future money requirements
AI enabled
Account alerts and insights
Safe & secure
256-bit encrypted end-to-end
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What people say

That’s good, I like that, all in one place…  and the alerts would remind you that you had to pay your utility bill at a certain time

I like the goals… long term saving… I can pay the bills and I probably could be saving but it never seems to happen

You’re forced to go to certain agencies, certain banks, but this is something I choose, to help me… we have the option to pull out

This is a really good idea, you see everything together.  There’s too many things to remember and too much going on however organised you are

Maysam Rizvi
Founder & CEO
"We should all have the ability to focus on our life and not have to worry about money"

A career banker with senior roles in JP Morgan and UOB. Maysam is passionate about the financial inclusion and helping people with their financial problems.

Gari Spearpoint
Sales Director
"You don’t know what you don’t know - but we should"

In a commercial career travelling the four corners of the world, Gari has seen many issues relating to banking and IT. He now wants to give back and help bring a smile to those who struggle with both.

Subodh Roche
Chief Technology Officer
"Technology is our best friend. We have given it a purpose and created values such that it is part of our humanity"

A banker, a designer and a programmer by choice and by profession. Subodh is passionate about using technology to improve the way people live.

Isabella Clare
Product Manager
"We can get our real financial situation closer to our ideal one by taking the right decisions"

An advocate for financial inclusion with a strong business background. Isabella is passionate about improving people's relationship with money.

Nick Lee
Director, Spendable CIC
Aidene Walsh
Executive Director, Banking Competition Remedies
Alex Park
Digital Director, Metro Bank
Anu Tayal
FCA – Director, Roffe Swayne
Bryony Moore
Investor & Entrepreneur
Ferrie van Echtelt
Venture Developer & Investor
The Elifinty Story starts 10 years ago, when Maysam Rizvi was serving as Vice President at United Overseas Bank -- a time when Maysam retained profit in the bank’s leverage finance portfolio during the uncertainty of the credit crunch and financial crisis...
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