Working towards long-term financial resilience

Our end-to-end customer engagement platform connects in-debt households, creditors and debt advice agencies to proactively work towards financial health, together. It’s a win-win-win solution.

  • Supercharge advisors with automated workflows
  • Streamline customer engagements and data collection
  • Provide personalised debt support in real time
  • Foster long-term confidence with self-serve tools
  • Deliver sustainable plans and ongoing aftercare

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The platform for a better financial tomorrow

By connecting people in debt to their creditors and advisors, our digital engagement platform enables the key players in debt resolution to identify problems early, build relationships rooted in trust and work towards more achievable solutions.

For people in debt

With our customer-facing Eli platform, people in debt can build open, honest relationships with their creditors, access non-judgemental advice and take control of their financial future.

  • Debt advice available digitally or in person
  • In-app communications with your creditors
  • Budgeting and financial optimisation tools
  • Access to eligible benefits, grants and reliefs
  • Secure data and document sharing

For creditors and advisors

Deliver actionable support to the right people at the right time with EliEngage for creditors and EliConnect for debt advice agencies, each designed to help you streamline the debt resolution process ethically.

  • Full visibility of customers with GDPR compliance
  • Solutions engine to pre-empt and prevent defaulting
  • Open banking for quick and easy data collection
  • Prioritisation of cases and adjustable payment plans
  • In-app communications and automated payment reminders

We’re tackling the elephant in every room

Elifinty was born in 2018 to help us achieve our vision of people free of problem debt. With first-hand experience in the financial sector and a genuine empathy for people navigating debt-related challenges, we knew it was time to tackle the elephant in the room. Now we’re fighting to empower people’s financial wellbeing with greater transparency and greater access to support.

Our story

Elifinty for your business

We connect people and institutions with everything they need to hold meaningful conversations and solve problem debt within one digital platform. This includes creating customisable solutions for utilities providers, housing associations, retail banks and debt advice agencies, each aligned to the specific and changing needs of every sector.

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