We are transforming debt management

Through our intuitive, end-to-end TrustConnect platform, we are enabling more socially conscious customer care and financial wellbeing. We are connecting businesses with their customers, and customers with the right support. It’s a sustainable approach, building financial resilience, and helping to create a world free from problem debt.

Trust in better outcomes for all with Elifinty.


TrustConnect is a complete end-to-end debt, credit and money management ecosystem built to resolve problem debt fast by enabling meaningful personalised interactions across creditors, debt advice providers and their customers

  • Enables responsive customer engagement
  • Automates workflows
  • Speeds up time-to-value
  • Helps with impact reporting
  • Protects your most vulnerable customers

TrustConnect makes debt resolution more meaningful. Help us build a world free from problem debt and improve financial resilience for you and your customers.


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Now is the time to start making the changes needed to your customer support infrastructure. Debt is a mass issue that needs to be solved in a personalised way: TrustConnect can do this.

Partner with us to retain your customers for the long term, and enable your business to become stronger, more compliant, and more equipped to deal with today’s unprecedented challenges.

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