Next generation debt advice technology

Designed for debt advisers and creditors, Elifinty transforms the delivery of debt advice and support. Our user friendly, innovative platform connects debt advisers, creditors, and consumers — enabling seamless, efficient collaboration and improved outcomes for all.

Connecting the debt advice ecosystem

Elifinty's unique TrustConnect platform lets debt advisers, creditors, and consumers work collaboratively, reducing processing time and achieving better outcomes.


Debt Advisers



  • Market-leading processing efficiency
  • Secure data sharing and access control
  • Real-time data sharing and communications
  • Enhanced user experience and customer engagement
  • Regulatory compliant processes
  • Rich data analytics and insight

Debt Advisers

Focus on what matters — let technology do the heavy lifting.

Debt advisers are passionate about understanding their customer, supporting and guiding them to improve their finances and wellbeing. Administrative tasks, such as gathering and processing customer information, should support the process rather than slow it down.

Elifinty's TrustConnect platform gives debt advisers a single, user-friendly interface to manage the debt advice process end-to-end. Features include: automated data gathering and processing, customer and creditor messaging, and seamless document sharing.

Our tech-driven approach offers best-in class productivity, reduced cost-to-serve, and higher customer engagement.

TrustConnect for debt advisers
TrustConnect for creditors


Support your customers when they need it most.

People in debt are likely to be suffering from stress and anxiety. Every customer is unique — providing effective support means identifying and understanding the customer's specific circumstance and context.

Elifinty’s Trustconnect platform enables creditors to monitor customer performance, share information, and refer customers to debt advisers for support, advice and resolution.

Our simple and intuitive tools allow creditors to play a direct role in helping customers solve their money worries.

Efficient collaboration

Seamlessly connect with debt advisers, creditors and consumers.

Agreeing a debt solution requires multiple interactions between debt advisers, consumers, and creditors.

TrustConnect brings all parties together in one place, enabling real-time collaboration to gather, process, and share important data and documents.

Our approach significantly reduces processing time, is transparent to all parties, and adheres to regulatory standards.

Elifinty app for customer collaboration

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High productivity

Automate processes using state-of-the-art tools and technologies

Gathering and processing information required for debt advice can be time-consuming and repetitive. Often it requires coordinating across multiple parties to build an accurate picture of the client situation.

Elifinty combines sophisticated data processing techniques, third-party data sources, and real-time messaging to streamline and simplify the end-to-end process.

Our technology transforms the debt advice journey so that debt advisers spend more time creating value for their customers and organisations.

Why Elifinty?

In the past decade household debt levels in the UK have increased by 10% to around £1.3 trillion. Over 5 million people are now struggling to meet repayments and need financial support and advice. This figure is growing daily due to the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Providing customers with the right support is worthwhile and beneficial for all; studies show the impact of debt advice to be £300 to £500m in economic value as well as having significant societal benefits (e.g. reduced homelessness).

At Elifinty we believe in empowering customers with tools and information to put them in control of their finances. We want to redefine financial aftercare for the masses and improve their financial wellbeing.

We are starting by building a connected debt advice ecosystem that increases debt support capacity, improves customer engagement, and delivers better outcomes for all.

Elifinty is currently seeking authorisation to provide payment services to customers, undertake consumer credit activities, credit brokering (not lending), and debt advice.

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