Reducing risk, saving staff and accelerating debt recovery


Reducing risk, saving staff and accelerating debt recovery

Financial services are facing a catch-22 problem; a cycle that’s hard to escape. The global economy is becoming more fragile, and it’s having an impact on banking institutions and their portfolios.

On top of this, Consumer Duty is adding to the list of responsibilities, and customers are increasingly struggling to pay their bills, adding more pressure on collections and recovery staff.

What’s needed is a new approach to customer service and debt management. An approach that is sustainable and empowers your organisation to navigate economic downturns and new regulations in the most effective way possible.

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Maysam Rizvi

Written by Maysam Rizvi

Chief Executive & Founder

Former Head of Change for GTL at JP Morgan, delivering global systems, improving profitability and client management. A career that spans investment, corporate and retail banking.

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